Diesel - Not just for trucks anymore

Diesel - Not just for trucks anymore

America has been slower than most nations to adopt diesel technology in the automobile market. However, diesel-powered automobiles are becoming more and more popular. Mercede-Benz and other auto manufacturers have several new diesel offerings on the U.S. market. This article does a wonderful job of outlining the differences between diesel and gasoline engines, and why diesel isn't just for trucks anymore.

Think of “diesel” and what comes to mind? Rumbling big rigs spewing twin plumes of black smoke? Clattering old sedans that can’t get out of their own way being driven by professors smoking pipes while wearing tweed jackets? Big dually pickups hauling horse trailers? If that’s what you think of and you live in the U.S., then it’s no wonder that America was one of the slowest adopters of diesel-powered cars in the world. Outside U.S. borders, diesel-powered vehicles have reach nearly 50 percent parity with gas-powered cars and trucks. So what happened to suddenly make dirty old diesel the current darling of the liquid fuel world?

The stigma from diesels of the past being smelly or smoky is still a perception that needs to be overcome, but positive changes have been seen in consumer sentiment that will only continue to improve

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